Winter fun in Derbyshire

Winter weather

Most years where we live in Dronfield, we would have been inundated with snow by the end of January. People joke about there being a micro climate in our town as we often get a good few inches of snow when the rest of the country has none.

So this year, as in other years I have been on permanent snow watch. I use UK snow map as it is an accurate way to see and track the snow in real time, as well as the met office and netweather tv. (I like to cover all bases!)

It was especially crucial this year to know when we were going to have snow as Santa brought my kids ‘The best present ever!’ which could rapidly become ‘The worst present ever!’ They each got a snow scooter! Now before you think I am made of money, this is basically a glorified snowboard with a handle, I’m not talking about any heavy machinery here! The link to amazon is basically just to show you the product. Ours were from Go Outdoors but they don’t appear to have any in stock now (they were on sale at £14 when Santa was fortunate enough to see them!)

Where’s the snow?

So I’ve been keeping an eye out all winter. Ironically everybody else except for Dronfield seemed to be getting hit by snowstorms. Santa was getting nervous! One very cold (-6) but beautifully bright day my husband and I decided to go 15 minutes up the road for a crisp,clear walk…

…and look what we found

Winter Wonderland

We really could not believe our eyes. Less than 4 miles away, through the foggy, misty low cloud and suddenly we were in a beautiful sunny winter wonderland. The scenery was so beautiful that the -6 temperature really didn’t matter and I was so pleased to be able to take some beautiful shots of the Longshaw Estate in full sun and snow.

Cards at

Snow for all of the family

Fortunately the next day was a Saturday so despite some runny noses and lethargy we headed back up to Longshaw. The children were eager to try out their new snow scooters. I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves! But I will say, ‘Well done Santa’ and sorry to all of the parents of Derbyshire who are now being pestered for snow scooters for next Christmas! Good luck and lets hope we have more snow at the end of the year!

The end for now!

We had a great couple of snow days. We hope that you enjoyed looking at our snowy antics. If you want to see what Longshaw looks like at other times of the year here is an earlier post I wrote. You could also subscribe to my blog. I email quite infrequently so I wont be clogging you up with my blogging! Happy Reading! DD

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